Think before you act.

Alhamdulillah. Allah still give us a chance to breathe on this temporary earth. Spend your time wisely. We got alot of time to repent on our wrongdoings.

On this entry I would love to talk about think before you act/speak.

Make sure what you do/said won't hurt another person. we don't know deep inside how they feel. Even if you are only making a joke. Remember if you are talking about something that are not true. It's fitnah. The sin of doing 'fitnah' is much bigger that murdering. 

How about if you are talking about something that's true. Please be aware of it. It might become 'ghibah' *bad mouthing the others.

Rasulullah sallahi 'alahi wasallam said if you're bad mouthing *ghibah somebody else it's just like that you're eating your own brother.

When you're bad mouthing a person it means you're opening their 'aib'.

Think before you act.
May this post beneficial to all of you.

Zahirah Zulkiflee

it's ramadhan.

alhamdulillah. it's ramadhan already. feel blessed. alhamdulillah.

getting a chance to fasting in my hometown for about only 8 days. inshaaAllah.
may Allah ease everything, I need to pack my things to be bring to LMC. real soon. inshaaAllah.

counting days to leave my hometown. sob sob. T.T
I felt sad but quite excited at the same time. haha.
sad for leaving home. T.T. it's only like 9 days before I have to go to LMC and I'm freakingly excited to be in a new enviroment. meeting new people. experiencing new things. oh, ya! I have to manage my own financial there. all by myself. pheww. I have to do alot of savings.

may Allah ease your journey. do send your du'a for me.

I guess that's it.
thank you for reading my blog.
inshaaAllah when I have a leisure time. I do write on my blog.

Zahirah Zulkiflee